Remember Indicators are derived from price action and it is not the opposite. But once you integrate indicators with your price action study it’s a whole different game.

  • A different confidence
  • A better accuracy
  • Better Risk Management


You now become a pro.

But the problem lies in the fact that which indicators to use??

After studying in detail around 10-12 indicators, out of that I am going to teach you what is working the best and which is the easiest.

We have selected the simplest and the most effective indicators from a whole bunch taking into consideration volatility, momentum, trends etc.

The problem arises when you don’t know which one to use when.

Using these indicators and their special strategies has taken my trading game to another level and I intend to take ours too.

You will become a professional multiple time frame trader.

Plus we will teach you how to spot MULTIBAGGERS using simple techniques.