About Us

Harsh Kamdar

Harsh Kamdar

Harsh has been trading the markets since 7 years now. He has seen the market ups and downs, and finally realized how trading and making consistent money from the stock markets can be easy.

He started his journey while still in junior college and learnt from several mentors from across India and is truly thankful to each one of them.

After finishing his graduation, he completed all the levels of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMT (Chartered Market Technician).

He decided to make Trading and Investment his primary source of income after seeing success in the strategies.

Hetvi Kamdar

Hetvi Kamdar

Hetvi developed keen interests in the stock markets and started learning about it in a professional way, while still in her junior college. She is a graduate in finance and now specializes in equity trading.

She’s a CMT Candidate.

She is a part of designing courses and managing the trading fund at Trading Secrets.

After implementing all the strategies that will now be taught in our trading secrets courses, she managed to show consistent results by giving strategies and mindset its right importance.

They are now on a mission to teach these Trading Secrets and make financially independent traders and investors out of the stock market.

Instagram has helped us impact millions of viewers in the last few months, with our videos reaching over 50 million views.

We promise to roll out valuable knowledge through our platform on a regular basis to help the youth sail through the tides of the Equity Market.

Our Core Values


Trading is what you want it to be – Simple or Hard

Our mission is to make trading as simple as possible for you guys which it is.

Simplicity helps people complexity impresses people.


We stand by what we teach and do that personally. Believe in teaching only those concepts and strategies which are working for us.


The markets are dynamic so should we be. Thus we believe in continuously updating ourselves and our students with what is new.

Mission & Vision


To help people create a secondary source of income from the stock market thus providing them with the tool, strategies and mindset.


To make 10000 independent traders who are not dependent on someone else for their income.